Draw For Food

While lockdown was changing our luxury western lives, it was drastically changing the lives of South African kids and families. (as well as in many other countries) Suddenly parents are not allowed to fulfil the little jobs they have, therefor their daily food became a daily source of worries. Kids of poor families are not allowed to go to school or daycare.. this is where they often get their brekkies and lunch and ….. education.

Anne Witte has lived in Cape town for some time all ready and while Covid-19 hammered down in South Africa, she saw the poor been smashed so much harder than the ones with money and status. Together with the South African Education Project, she aims to provide families and kids with daily structure, food and education.

So; I decided to draw for food. You can order a custom made flower- or bird drawing for 175,-. The money goes directly to the townships, there where daily meals are prepared and simple educational means are provided. One drawing provides for 4 families to eat for 2 weeks, get safety masks and home schooling starting packs.

I will continue doing this as long as lockdowns and unfair governmental choices make it hard for these vulnerable ones to find even a simple meal a day. Just email me if you want to join. By now (july 2020) about 20 people have commissioned me. This means that around € 4000,- has all ready found its way to the mouths that need to be fed!

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