Pluk de dag! – Yumeko

- 22 4 2021 -

Spring 2020; Yumeko called me to ask if I would be interested in working with them. To develop a series of bed sheets that would become available in spring 2021.

Yes! Ofcourse I would love to do that! This has been a dream of me since…whenever. The ‘right’ company just had not crossed my path or I was too busy, or the brand didn’t work as Fair trade and eco concious as I preferred. So…there we went…. all through the covid troubles around us, we proceeded. Whilst Cebine Nieuwenhuize  turned my drawings into patterns and we fine tuned and made choices… ‘Pluk de dag’ evolved.

We are very excited to show you the cheerful and vibrant result.

7 dessins that are now available through Yumeko.


- 23 9 2020 -

face masks

Superproud to present these natural hand-dyed, unique face masks made from sustainable organic cotton, produced with social impact in the Amsterdam-based BORO*ATELIER!

Draw For Food

- 24 7 2020 -

While lockdown was changing our luxury western lives, it was drastically changing the lives of South African kids and families. (as well as in many other countries) Suddenly parents are not allowed to fulfil the little jobs they have, therefor their daily food became a daily source of worries. Kids of poor families are not allowed to go to school or daycare.. this is where they often get their brekkies and lunch and ….. education.

Anne Witte has lived in Cape town for some time all ready and while Covid-19 hammered down in South Africa, she saw the poor been smashed so much harder than the ones with money and status. Together with the South African Education Project, she aims to provide families and kids with daily structure, food and education.

So; I decided to draw for food. You can order a custom made flower- or bird drawing for 175,-. The money goes directly to the townships, there where daily meals are prepared and simple educational means are provided. One drawing provides for 4 families to eat for 2 weeks, get safety masks and home schooling starting packs.

I will continue doing this as long as lockdowns and unfair governmental choices make it hard for these vulnerable ones to find even a simple meal a day. Just email me if you want to join. By now (july 2020) about 20 people have commissioned me. This means that around € 4000,- has all ready found its way to the mouths that need to be fed!


- 30 3 2020 -

A magazine that is all about honest living, stillness and refined beauty. I am super thankful for the lovely article on my work and background that got published in the ‘Intuition-issue’ #10

Manon Laterveer wrote the text and Bianca vd Houten made the pictures.

Eej! magazine

- 2 1 2020 -

May I say that I am super proud to be featured on the cover and on the inside of this bi-annual magazine? It is an entirely non-profit zine, made by people from the province where I grew up. Zeeland. In this 8th issue you can find a ten page (!!) article on my work. wohoo! We even got nominated for the magazine cover award of Mercure – 2020!!

Graphic Botanique

- 4 9 2019 -

Last year stationery brand Tinne+Mia and I have brought both our love for paper, graphics and florals together.

Tinne+Mia combined my drawings with their gorgeous feel for materials and quality paper goods such as the 2020 Diaries as well as the postcard series; Graphic Botanique. Check my webshop if you’d like to get your hands on one of these items;)


- 13 5 2019 -

This spring (2019) my ‘Swarm’ weaving will be a backdrop for Ruben’s wood turned objects during a shop window exhibition at RESTORED.

Welcome to check out the new shop interior too;)

Haarlemmerdijk 39, Amsterdam.

OBJECT Rotterdam 2019

- 15 1 2019 -

It was a pleasure to meet you at OBJECT Rotterdam 2019.

My tapestries were on show from 8 till 10 february in the

beautiful HAKA-building in Rotterdam.

Thank you for visiting!

Woven Layers – EXPO – Vreemde Gasten Amersfoort

- 24 1 2018 -

Afgelopen jaar heb ik met veel plezier gewerkt aan een aantal wandkleden. Deze zijn gebaseerd op de serie schilderijen die ik eerder maakte, genaamd ‘Layers’.

Vandaar dat deze serie nu gaat onder de naam ‘Woven Layers’.  U bent van harte welkom om de resultaten te komen bekijken tijdens een kortdurende expositie in het weekend van 6 en 7 oktober 2018.

Er is dan een kunstroute georganiseerd in de prachtige binnenstad van Amersfoort waarbij een heel aantal woningen zijn deuren openstelt voor kunstenaars en publiek.

Mijn werk (en ik) zullen te vinden zijn op Kortegracht 22. Tegenover het Mondriaan huis;)  Meer info over dit leuke ‘festival’ is te vinden op: 

Tot dan!


Birds on tour!

- 20 7 2016 -

Ten birds I painted in the summer of 2016 …while my belly was growing and growing… are now flying their own ways. Some of them have already found their new owners. Others have a temporary home somewhere. Please contact me if you want to know the whereabouts of any bird or other painting.


Exhibition ‘Layers’

- 14 5 2016 -

the past years painting got squeezed in between all my other activities. now I’ve finally been able to let some canvasses grow and evolve again.

this exhibition is a marking point in time to show the visual process I am in right now.  Please feel free to come and have a look and a drink on friday 20th of may between 17:00 and 19:00 at Jan Six Fine Art – Herengracht 390 or in the days after by appointment.

Drs. van Zanen

- 28 3 2016 -

About half a year ago, Saskia de Valk got a telephone call, A certain Mr. v. Zanen had passed away and his house was filled with stacks of old newspapers that had dried flowers, grass and leaves pressed between them.
Saskia invited me to come with her and take a look and see if we could harbour a bit of this gigantic collection.
So we did and took a (way too) little piece of his well documented collection to our studio.
We left it there for some time, just to breed on some ideas. And now we got this lovely opportunity to make a little exhibition in the smallest gallery in De Hallen (Amsterdam West). Until 16th of June you will be able to check it out. (as I said, it is a very small expo so you will have to search a little;)

Grutto / Godwit – dutch national bird

- 29 2 2016 -

This bird, the Godwit or in Dutch; Grutto, lately got elected as Dutch National Bird.
I made this painting a while ago and when Vogelbescherming (this is the Dutch RSPB;-) initiated an election for young visual artists to send in one of their works related to birds, I decided to give it a try. At that moment I had no clue of the Godwit beeing chosen as the Dutch National bird, but it seemed quite the right choice for this exhibition as my painting got the honour of getting the third price.
Until 13th of march the exhibition is open in Zeist at the headquarters of ‘Vogelbescherming’. From april the 10th you can see the painting in real life at Slot Zeist.

One-Day-Artist-In-Residence at The Loft

- 2 8 2015 -

Recently I was invited to join an A.I.R.-program in The Loft in Amsterdam.

This is a beautiful bright space that hovers over the city centre. I brought my pencils and loads of paper to paint and draw all the plants that I could find in there.

Margot van der Krogt stopped by to shoot these lovely pictures. 

You can read the blog here:

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