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To stare, dream, observe, give form, design, combine, mess up and repare… this is what I love to do.

In 2004 I finished a graphic design studies in Rotterdam, after that I had 4 wonderful years at the Willem de Kooning academy of art in Rotterdam and in 2006 I got my degree and set of into the great unknown;)

Since I finished the fine art studies, my love for painting and drawing has taken the lead in what I make.

Time in time again the simple things seek my attention. A leaf of a little branch, a stem of reed or a flock of birds that fly by.

I try to find a certain stillness in my images. Sometimes through using only a fine line pen, other times by using many thin layers of paint with only a hint of something figurative.

In the last years I have been focussing a lot on commissioned work, such as illustration and also on selling my own products through my webshop and retailers.

My aim is to continue doing this but to give the fine art part in my work more and more attention. This is the part in my work that inspires all the other things I do.


Please send me a note for work inquiries or collaborations in any way.

It would be lovely to hear from you!


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