Woven Angelica (in red tones)

this woven painting has come forth from a love for textile and a curiosity of what my original painting would do, how the layers would show, what the extra dimension of yarn will bring to the work. In 2018 I got the chance to translate 5 paintings into woven paintings. now, 4 years later I developed 2 new woven paintings. inspired by the ever beautiful plant angelica. known in dutch as engelwortel.
the linen yarn really has a special effect hidden in itself.
when the weaving is shown in dimmed light, it will hold back, be a quiet precense in the room but when even the smallest ray of light hits the surface, the linen suddenly shimmers and shines and reveals all the tones the weaving holds. 

approximately 80 x 110 cm, jacquard woven at Textielmuseum in Tilburg
in a rich blend of linen, merino wool and eco cotton

this weaving will only be made on request and in a maximum edition of 16 pieces.


the tapestry can anso be mounted in a plain wooden frame. This is not included in the price.

-you are more than welcome to view the tapestry in my studio by appointment-

€ 1600