Pluk de dag! – Yumeko

22 4 2021 

Spring 2020; Yumeko called me to ask if I would be interested in working with them. To develop a series of bed sheets that would become available in spring 2021.

Yes! Ofcourse I would love to do that! This has been a dream of me since…whenever. The ‘right’ company just had not crossed my path or I was too busy, or the brand didn’t work as Fair trade and eco concious as I preferred. So…there we went…. all through the covid troubles around us, we proceeded. Whilst Cebine Nieuwenhuize  turned my drawings into patterns and we fine tuned and made choices… ‘Pluk de dag’ evolved.

We are very excited to show you the cheerful and vibrant result.

7 dessins that are now available through Yumeko.