10 luxury postcards in a package

A6 size – 324 gr. offwhite, slightly structured paper

Oh that beautiful Dutch shore!

As I grew up in the nautical surroundings of Zeeland, many gulls have flown over my head.  I still love the sight of them, floating by in silence or screeching while having a seagull party in the wind. The bright orange berries of the buckthorn always capture my gaze and all those feathers and shells we found while wandering alongside the coast line!

Last autumn and winter (2017-2018) I visited the island of Schiermonnikoog several times, and this is where I finally got to draw and paint these images. Reed, sanderlings, a lighthouse, found treasures, buckthorn, feathers, gulls and sea lavender are all gathered in this package.

Note: postcards sets can only be ordered in quantities of 5.